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Dave Nottage
Dave NottageSenior Consultant

Who Am I?

Dave Nottage – based in Adelaide, South Australia.

I am a software developer, and work primarily with Embarcadero’s Delphi. I am also very adept at Java, and work with a number of other development languages such as JavaScript (including jQuery, jQuery Mobile, and Ember), PHP, HTML, CSS etc.Dave Nottage

My work history includes a number of multinational companies and government departments as a consultant, developing software, performing software reviews and providing training. Currently, I am Chief Technical Officer for StageDirector, a company that develops software for the music industry. The lead product, also called StageDirector, is a teleprompter for musicians. I am also currently under contract for Frontier Software, a HR solutions company, developing and enhancing applications written in Delphi 10 Seattle, for Windows, OSX, iOS and Android .Dave Nottage


Some of my highlights

  • Written a number of community articles
  • Presenter at BorCon in Australia, “Delphi Live” in the US, and at ADUG in Sydney and Adelaide
  • Embarcadero MVP
  • Member of Embarcadero’s TeamB: a volunteer support group that answer questions on Embarcadero’s software developer forums.

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