If you wish to leverage iOS frameworks other than those that support is provided for in Delphi, you’ll need to add the path to the framework in the SDK manager.

To do this, make sure PA Server is running on your Mac, and in Delphi click Tools, Options, then under Environment Options, select SDK Manager and select the target SDK:

In the Remote Paths list, select an existing path in the Frameworks category. This is important, as it will ensure the following dialog is set up correctly. Click the “Add a new path item” button in the top right. Fill out the dialog as per the following screenshot. NOTE: CoreBluetooth is just being used as an example here – replace this value with the name of the framework you wish to add :

Ensuring that you leave the radio buttons unselected, and put the appropriate framework name in the Framework Name box, then click OK. Click the Update Local File Cache button to copy the framework files from the Mac to the Windows machine. Again, it is very important that you first select an existing path in the Frameworks category, and leave the radio buttons unchecked, and click Update Local File Cache.

Now you’ll be able to build your iOS project against the framework you’ve added.