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Making Delphi XE 4 compile for iOS devices with Xcode 5

I outlined how to set up Delphi XE4 for compiling for iOS devices with Xcode 5. An important issue that was unresolved at the time was that debugging an app on the device wasn’t possible. Now, thanks to Carlos Naranjo in this newsgroup posting:

I can outline additional instructions that will have you debugging on the device as well. The following assumes that you followed the instructions in the article in the first link, above. First, you’ll need to (using a browser on your Mac) grab PA Server XE5, from here:

and install it. For the next steps, make sure that PA Server XE4 is not running. Next, open Finder on your Mac and go to Applications. Right click on RAD PA Server XE5 and click Show Package Contents:

Navigate to the Contents\MacOS folder, select the 3 files as per the next image, right-click and click Copy 3 Items:

Go back to the Applications folder, right-click on RAD PA Server XE4 and click Show Package Contents. Navigate to the Contents\MacOS folder and rename iosgdb to iosgdb_xe4.

Right-click the MacOS folder and click Paste 3 items:

Now start RAD PA Server XE4, go to your Windows machine and you should now be able to debug on the device.