If you’ve just installed Xcode 5, there’s at least one thing you’ll need to attend to, to develop from Delphi XE5 (it is also possible to use XE4; check here)

Xcode 5 is a completely new install; in other words, anything else you had before, such as the Command Line Tools and extra simulators, are gone. To remedy this, in Xcode 5 open the Preferences window, and select the download tab:

You can install the Command Line Tools and extra simulators from there. This should also result in the iOS 6.1 SDK being installed.

When you start debugging an iOS app from Delphi, you’ll notice that the version of the simulator that starts (at least in my case) is the iOS7 4 inch retina simulator. If you want to test against the iOS6.1 simulator, you’ll need to go to the Hardware menu of the simulator, and select Device, iPhone, iOS 6.1:

This will stop debugging in Delphi, however if you start debugging again, you’ll note that it uses the last selected simulator. NOTE: Selecting iOS 6.1 in one of the retina options still results in the iOS 7 simulator starting up.

If anyone knows of another, perhaps more correct way of making Delphi use the correct simulator, please let me know.