This article describes a Delphi add-in that I’ve been working on, of which the first version (1.0.0) has been released today

In the beginning..

Some time ago I started working on an add-in for Delphi to add some functionality that I wanted in the IDE, one of them being that I’d like it to remember that last project loaded, so that when the IDE is restarted, that project can be loaded automatically. I also wanted the File|Open functionality extended so that I could have favorites, which would use the favorites configuration from another Delphi add-in: GExperts.

Assisting with mobile development

At the ADUG Symposium earlier this year, I presented a session on some of the hurdles that need to be overcome in order to develop applications for mobile, and this included configuring splash images and icons, so I expanded my add-in to include the ability to find images and icons that have been created, and replace the entries in the Project Options, rather than assigning each one manually.

The problem with Project Options

Speaking of the Project Options dialog, I had difficulty with it during the presentation because the display that was being used for the projector was a lower resolution, and as a result the top and bottom of the dialog were off-screen, and it wasn’t possible to make the dialog any smaller. I figured there must be a way of being able to make it smaller using an add-in, so I worked out how to do that, and included it in the add-in.

Adding in Android tools

Since I was spending time expanding the add-in, I figured a logical step would be to include the functionality of the ACTED tool, which combines a number of functions related to developing Android applications.


There is some basic documentation, as well as where to obtain the installer, at the Codex page, where you can also read about the other features.

Future plans

I am working on a couple of other features, including a logcat viewer (for Android), an assistant for the deployment manager to help with adding files in bulk, a tool for determining unit dependencies, and more..

I hope that Codex helps boost your productivity when using Delphi.