Coinciding with the release of Delphi 10.4 Sydney, commercialization of Kastri has morphed into using Github Sponsors to help fund its development. This article details whats changed, whats new, and the future of Kastri.

Kastri Free

Be assured the Kastri Free repo will remain, however all new development will continue in the new Kastri repo.

Github Sponsors

There are 3 tiers of monthly sponsorship and any tier will help support and guarantee the future development of Kastri as well as contribute to enhancing the product as technology changes. All sponsors will have exclusive access to the #sponsors channel in the Delphi Worlds Slack Team where they can participate in making feature suggestions, highlight enhancements and best practices for how they use Kastri and other Delphi Worlds libraries in their development.

 Tier 1 – $5.00

Every developer knows that coding is fuelled by coffee. This level gives you the satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting Kastri and other repos, and allows us to stock the coffee machine. (Please note on Fridays this may go towards beer or a nice red.)

Tier 2 – $20.00

Aimed at those lone developers slaving away on their keyboards and use Kastri or any other repo for commercial purposes. Ideally you’ll have less than 100 users across your products.  Included at this level are 2 priority support incidents* per year.

Tier 3 – $50.00

Choose this tier if you are using my libraries or components in commercial applications and they provide a significant asset among your tools as a developer or organisation. At this level you receive 4 support incidents* per year

*Support incidents are related to the Kastri repo only. Details of how support incidents will be handled are being finalised.

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Supported Delphi Versions

Supporting older versions can be time consuming, however more importantly: Kastri revolves mostly around mobile development, and if you’re deploying to the app stores, staying current is essential. Kastri will now support Delphi 10.3 and above only

The New Repo

If you visit the new repo, you’ll find there has been a number of changes from Kastri Free.

  • New API import files – including some that will be used in upcoming features
  • Renamed/rationalized API import files – some imports have been aggregated, and some have had the file renamed to better reflect what is in it
  • ComponentHelpers (which really should have been named Interposers) has been removed and the files moved into Core
  • Some of the Demos that were in Kastri Free have not been migrated, because they’re not relevant to Kastri requirements, and some have been revamped (or will be)
  • New Features have been added, namely: Biometrics (TouchID/FaceID on iOS and Fingerprint support on Android), and Speech Recognition.
  • Files in the Java and ThirdParty folders have been reorganized
  • A new folder called Tools that will contain executables used for build automation etc.

Upcoming Features

New features are coming to Kastri, and your sponsorship will help make them a reality sooner. They include:

  • Photos library support – a platform agnostic means of managing collections of photos stored on the device, and a Facebook-style photos selector
  • Apple Login – implementation of Apple Login that adheres to the App Store guidelines
  • Universal Links – support for custom schemes and universal links on iOS
  • Camera – a revamp of the original Delphi Worlds Camera project, with support for iOS and Android

Delphi 10.4 Sydney

Kastri has already been tested with Delphi 10.4 Sydney, and is fully compatible.

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