Last month Embarcadero released a patch for Delphi that fixes a few issues with support for Apple OS’s (iOS and macOS). Now there’s a new patch that addresses additional issues.

Marco Cantu from Embarcadero has written this article that describes the details. however there’s a couple of pertinent details to be aware of.

One is that the patch contains the old version of PAServer. The new PAServer (version is available here.

Here’s some of the issues that the new patch addresses: – Linker fails with iOS 14.2 SDK when using TClientDataset – Weak symbols not recognized in macos 11/iOS14 SDK – Linker error after new iOS 14.2 update

More importantly, for any of these issues you’ll need to re-import the iOS SDK. Here’s the steps:

On the Mac, in the ~/PAServer/scratch-dir folder, delete any folders starting with cache-dir:

On the Windows machine, delete the existing iPhoneOS.14.x.sdk folder, e.g:

In SDK Manager in Delphi, click the Update Local File Cache button:

Now for the issues that this patch solves, your Delphi application should compile!