Applying Patches

Here’s some information about how I created the patches, and instructions on how to patch source files with them.

Firstly, how I created the patch files:

  1. Copied the relevant file to a folder containing the modified source files. This folder is in the compiler search path, so that any project that uses the modified source has the fix included.
  2. Made the required changes.
  3. Opened the original file and the modified file in WinMerge:
  4. Then clicked Tools|Generate Patch:

This generates a patch file like those that I have posted.

To apply a patch to your source file, I recommend following step 1 above, then use the Patch tool from here (download the binaries package and unzip it somewhere convenient). Of course, you’ll need to download the relevant patch file, from here. Open a command line window, go to the folder where you copied the source files to be patched, and use the following format:




Again, make sure you do this in the folder where you copied the source files to, not the original source folder. The above example also assumes you’ve saved the patch file to the same folder.

The actual patches are on this page.