Delphi Source Patches

Since I’m often posting about patches being made to Delphi source files, I’ve set up this page, Delphi Source Patches, so that files can be patched relatively easily.

The only caveats at present are that the patches I provide on this page will be for Delphi XE5, Update 1 only. i.e, the patches I provide should not be applied to any other version. Also, the patches are inclusive of all fixes I have provided, i.e. there may be fixes included that you might not want to use, for whatever reason. The most important caveat of all is that you use these patches at your own risk. I accept no responsibility whatsoever for what you do with them.

There’s some information on how I created the patches, and how to apply them, here.

Original Source filename File containing patch Article links
FMX.Graphics.pas [wpdm_file id=8] 1
FMX.Platform.iOS.pas [wpdm_file id=9] 1, 2
FMX.VirtualKeyboard.iOS.pas [wpdm_file id=10] 1
FMX.WebBrowser.pas [wpdm_file id=12] 1
FMX.WebBrowser.iOS.pas [wpdm_file id=11] 1
None (see article link) [wpdm_file id=2] 1
ALL Patches [wpdm_file id=7]