“Helps you remember stuff when you need to remember it”

What Is Memorizor?

Memorizor is a mobile app making it easy to create meaningful reminders in an instant using text (including speech-to-text) and photos , then presenting them to you when and where you want to be reminded.

Memorizor is presently available for iOS only and was developed using an amazing software development tool called Delphi. If you’re interested in some of the details of the development of Memorizor, please visit this link.

What Memorizor Can Do For You

Picture this: you’re away from home somewhere, and see or hear something that makes you think – “I love that, but I’m busy right now.. I should remember later to look into it”. You might take a picture, or pull up a Notes app on your phone, but then… will you remember later?

With Memorizor, you take the pic and/or enter the text, and you can instantly set a reminder, for when you return home, or at some other location, or use a preset time. When the you arrive at the location, or when the time arrives, Memorizor will remind you.

What Does Memorizor Do With My Data?

Memorizor retains all data on your device, and is guaranteed never to send the data anywhere else. The only exception may be in the future when sending crash data to the developers for debugging purposes, only when you grant permission, and no personal information will be included.

Using Memorizor

When you start Memorizor for the first time, you will see just the title at the top, and the logo in the middle. To start adding memos, tap the toolbar launch button in the bottom right, and the toolbar will appear:

The first four icons are all for starting a memo – using the Camera, selecting a picture from your Photos, writing some text, and recording your speech. The last two icons are for managing locations, and Memorizor settings

The memos list shows you all your current memos, including a thumbnail of the attached image (if any), the text, when/where you will be reminded, and indicators for whether the memo is “past due”, or “snoozed”

Tap a memo to edit the memo. You can delete the memo in the memo screen.

Starting A Memo…

Using The Camera

Tapping the Camera button starts a memo using the Camera. When using this for the first time, Memorizor will prompt you for permission to use the Camera. It will allow you to proceed only if you grant permission.

When the Camera starts, there is a capture button in the middle at the bottom, a button for swapping between front/rear cameras (if available) in the bottom right, and a cancel button in the top left. Once you’ve taken a picture, the image will appear as well as a button for accepting the picture (in the top right).

If the picture is not satisfactory, you can go back to the preview by tapping the capture button again. Once a picture is captured, it will be added to your memo.

By Selecting A Picture

Just tap the Gallery button. When using this function for the first time, Memorizor will prompt you for permission, and upon granting permission you will be presented with the standard gallery selection dialog. Select a picture and it will be added to your memo.

With Text

Tap the Text button and Memorizor will start a memo where you can start entering text right away.

With Speech

Tapping the Speech button starts a memo using Speech Recognition. When using this function for the first time, Memorizor will prompt you for permission to record your voice and also permission to turn your speech into text.

Once A Memo Is Started

When a memo has been started, you can add/edit text, record speech (which becomes text), modify the picture, and change the remind mode.

Changing The Remind Mode

In the top left of the memo screen, the icon indicates how you will be reminded, and the text on the right describes when/where. To change the remind mode, tap anywhere in the remind mode section.

In the Reminder screen, you can select the mode, i.e. either Arrival at a particular location, or After a certain period of time. The plus button also allows you to add new locations:

Changing Text

Text can be edited using the virtual keyboard, and can be added using the Speech button. Use the red x button to clear the text completely

Changing The Image

An image can be added or replaced by using the Gallery or Photo buttons, as per when starting a memo. Use the red x button to clear the image

Viewing/Zooming The Image

Once an image is added, tap the image to show the image full screen where you can zoom and pan the image


When a memo is “past due”, the Snooze button at the bottom on the left hand side will enable. Tap it to snooze the reminder for a preset amount of time.

Deleting The Memo

At the bottom on the right hand side is the Delete button. Tap the button to delete the memo. Memorizor will prompt you to confirm the deletion

Managing Locations

The locations screen shows the locations that may be used when using a remind mode of location in a memo.

When adding a new location, enter the address to be searched and tap the search key in the virtual keyboard, or use the “Here” button if you want to use the current location. Once the address has been searched, enter a name for it:

Changing Memorizor Settings

Tapping the settings icon in the toolbar brings up the Settings screen

Here, you can manage locations, change the default remind mode, change toolbar and hints settings: