New versions of the Codex add-in for Delphi and macOS companion app Mosco are now available in beta. This article describes some of the changes, the release schedule, and how to obtain the betas.


Oct 4th, 2023 – I discovered an issue with entitlements in Mosco which allows it to launch PAServer, so the current Mosco beta is now v1.5.0 Beta 2


macOS 14 (Sonoma) display issues

Existing users who have Sonoma will be pleased to know that the display issues have been rectified in this release.


This release has a refactored REST API – it is not something that visible to users, however I’ve made it more consistent, and developers who want to use the API themselves may be interested. Code has been published in the Client folder of the Mosco repo.

It also means that if you use Codex, you will need Codex v2.0.0 Beta if you want to use the Mosco functions in Codex.


Aside from the display issues on Sonoma, an AV that occurs when adding/removing PAServer items in the PAServer config has been fixed, as well as some other minor fixes/tweaks.

Codex v 2.0.0 Beta

Codebase revamp

The code for Codex had grown into somewhat of a monster, so earlier this year I took the time to restructure it and remove some dependencies, with the plan of releasing the source (early November). The restructure will hopefully make it easier for others to contribute.


Work has begun on localizing all the relevant text, and will progress during the beta period. Supported languages are the same as for Mosco, which are: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Beta 1 has the initial translation work – you may find some translations are yet to be done, and some may need fixing. Please see the Feedback/Issues section below on how to provide feedback.

New features, fixes

Codex now includes a tool to easily add subfolders to your project paths, a way of associating files with your project without having to actually add them to the project, as well as number of minor fixes and tweaks.

Where to download the betas

Download the betas from these links:

Codex v2.0.0 Beta 1

Mosco v1.5.0 Beta 2


Please report issues to the relevant GitHub issues page for Codex and Mosco. Other feedback and discussion, including help about the new or existing features may be directed to the #codex and #mosco channels of the Delphi Worlds Slack workspace. You may self-invite to the Slack workspace, here.

Release schedule

Both Codex v2.0.0 and Mosco v1.5.0 are planned for release early November, so there’s just a few weeks (it was originally planned to have the betas out earlier) to try them out! Your feedback will help shape both of them.