A change (as to exactly when, I don’t know) in Apple’s requirements for apps submitted to Test Flight (via iTunesConnect) has been causing an issue for those using Delphi, as there is a key missing from the .plist contained in the .ipa file. The issue is evident when assigning a build to external testers, namely that iTunesConnect reports: “Some builds are missing the beta entitlement, or were uploaded with a beta version of Xcode, and cannot be tested”

A way around this is to use the iOS9Fix from TMS to add the missing key to the .plist file. Make sure you follow the instructions in the TMS article, and simply add the following to the end of the iOS9Fix_config.txt file:


Where !BuildNumber! corresponds to the DTPlatformBuild key in the <project>.info.plist file which is in the iOSDevice64\release folder when you build your app, where <project> is the name of your Delphi project.

Note that if you don’t require the transport security fix or have Delphi 10 Seattle Update 1 (because that resolves that particular issue), you should include only the DTSDKBuild key and string in the iOS9Fix_config.txt file.