This technique can be used for any Android development (or just for Android in general), however I figured Delphi developers might find this useful anyway.

While working on some changes for a client’s application, they asked for some screenshots from the device to send to the end users for their approval. My first thought was: “ugh.. I’ll need to remember how to take screenshots”, and the device is some fairly specialised hardware, so it might have been a challenge to work it out. My second thought was: “The SDK Monitor tool can help with monitoring log events, I wonder if it can take screenshots?”. The answer was: yes!

The Monitor tool in the Android SDK is (if you installed the SDK tools) in the tools folder under the root folder of SDK. Run monitor.bat and a few moments later, the Monitor tool is running (can take a little while starting for the first time on some systems):

..and here’s how the screen capture looks for my Nexus 5X for the Phone Dialer demo app:

Just click the Save button to save the file somewhere.