Yesterday, I uploaded a new version of Codex to the Github repository that has the installers.

Main new changes in this version:

Editor Tabs Position

There’s now an option (in Tools->Codex->Options) to have the editor tabs (e.g. Code | Design | History) appear on the left, just like they used to! If you also have CnWizards installed, you will need to disable the FeedReader Wizard (Tools->CnPack->Options, Wizard Settings) in order for the editor tabs option to work consistently, until CnWizards is fixed. The editor tabs option has the odd quirk where the tabs may not always appear on the left, however I’m working on resolving this in the next update to Codex.

Feed Alerts

Monitors feeds (Atom or RSS) that you’d like to be “alerted” about, such as new entries in the Embarcadero Quality Portal, or on Code Central (such as updates to Delphi), or perhaps new questions about Delphi on StackOverflow.

Updated Image Assets feature

The Image Assets feature has been updated to support the changes in Delphi 10.3.1 regarding splash and icon image sizes for iOS.


Happy coding!