If you develop mobile apps for the app stores with Delphi, you’ll know that building and deploying a release is not a trivial task. MonkeyBuilder can reduce the time you spend from hours into just minutes!

Some MonkeyBuilder history

MonkeyBuilder is the brainchild of Graham Murt of Kernow Software. You may be familiar with his Pentire component library (formerly ksComponents), and his TksInputList component. He also has 3 mobile apps on the app stores, namely iFire, iRescue and iCrew. As you may have guessed, these are all emergency services related apps. Graham found he was spending a great deal of time in the build/deployment process, so he set about writing a tool that would allow him to automate the whole process.

During the development of MonkeyBuilder, Graham sought a way of retrieving certificate and provisioning profile information from the Mac, and asked about it on the Delphi Worlds Slack channels. Fortunately, I had already developed a means of doing just that in Mosco: an app that runs on the Mac that other apps can connect to and query information like certificates and profiles. So now a partnership has been born between myself and Graham to deliver MonkeyBuilder.

MonkeyBuilder is presently in beta

The first release of MonkeyBuilder is just around the corner, and to help us along we are calling for beta testers, so if you are interested, please use the contact form to let us know.

Visit the MonkeyBuilder website

The MonkeyBuilder website is also still under construction, however it has a couple of screenshots, a demo video (on the screenshots page), and the proposed pricing is also there, so please check it out.