The guy next door to me.. well, almost; Alister is in NZ, wrote this book called Coding Faster In Delphi, I was actually invited to review it before publishing, however time once again had the better of me. Now I have had some time to take a peek, and I must say, I am impressed!

This book is extremely well thought out, and focuses on many aspects of how you may code faster in Delphi. Did I say many? Everything related to boosting your productivity is covered!

Speed Typing

I must admit that I skimmed a little over the part about speed typing. I’m a bit of an “old dog” when it comes to that, however no-one is exactly the same, so if you think you could do with some improvement in this area, please pay attention

Keyboard Shortcuts

One part that does deserve plenty of attention is Keyboard Shortcuts, and I intend to memorizse these because it’s something I have sadly neglected over the years. Alister lays out all the important ones that will help save you oodles of time.

Lesser Known Features

Alister also describes in detail many features that maybe could do with more exposure than they would otherwise receive. These include things like Sync Edit, Macros, Templates, Surround, and more.

Topic Summary

Here’s a quick summary of the topics (not exhaustive; there is more!):

Touch Typing
Code Editor Keyboard Shortcuts
CodeInsight (actually, Code Completion)
Code Templates
The Editor Toolbar
IDE Insight
Structure View
Class Explorer
Code History
Form Designer Keyboard Shortcuts
Quick Edits
Quick Actions
Object Inspector
Structure View
Component Palette
Editing Form Source
VCL Guidelines
Customising the IDE
Write Your Own IDE Plugin
Language Features
Inline Variables
Parallel Programming
Multiple Threads
Regular Expressions
Enhanced RTTI
Third-Party Tools
Mida Converter
Physical Environment (eg Hardware, Chair, Desk, and more!)
Asking Questions
Social Networks

Once again, this is an excellent book and one you would do well to have in your arsenal. Please visit the site, order now and start Coding Faster!