Corresponding with the release of Delphi 11 Alexandria, today also marks the release of Codex 1.5 and Mosco 1.2

Codex 1.5

Codex has been revamped a little in version 1.5, and introduces some new functionality:

Mosco Expert functions

The functionality that was present in the now discontinued Mosco Expert has now been merged into Codex – see the section below about Mosco 1.2

Option for enabling the Read Only editor popup menu item

Overcomes this long standing issue where the Read Only item cannot be changed because it is disabled when the source file itself is read only!

Suppress Build Events warning (Delphi 11 only)

Automatically marks your project as being “safe” for build events, preventing the warning that otherwise has no option to turn it off.

Single-click Welcome Page options (Delphi 11 only)

There is a known registry “hack” to enable all items in the Welcome Page to have links that are “single-click”, however the option in Codex does not rely on the “hack”, and gives you more granular control over which items can be single-click.

Other improvements

Please refer to the Codex readme for the above and other new items and changes to Codex 1.5

Mosco 1.2

Mosco is an app for macOS, which Codex can communicate with (rather like Delphi does with PAServer) to perform various tasks in Delphi, however Mosco also performs a number of other useful functions on its own. Note that Mosco 1.2 is the full version of Mosco, is yet to have integration with MonkeyBuilder.

Please refer to the documentation about how to install/use Mosco