With the next release of Delphi (11.3) looming, I thought I’d “get in first” with new releases of Codex and Mosco. This article discusses some of the new features.

Mosco v1.4.0

There’s a couple of new visible features to Mosco 1.4.0, notably:

  • PAServer menu item now creates submenu items for much quicker launching of PAServer instances
  • The Certs and Profiles view now has a Refresh button, so that if the window is visible and new certs and/or profiles are installed, just click the button and Mosco will repopulate the lists

Under the hood, Mosco now:

  • Use the new notarytool if available (requires Xcode 13 and higher) for notarization of apps and installers
  • Uses a REST-based server for communication with Codex. The previous comms used ZeroMQ, however this was causing too many issues, hence the change.

Codex v1.6.0

This release requires Mosco v1.4.0 due to the changes to the communication code. The other main changes:

  • Revamped Package Download
  • Added handling of Android Packages (merges resources, creates R jar)
  • Added checks for expired Apple certs (requires Mosco)
  • Added check for valid provisioning profile (requires Mosco)
  • Remembers sizes, positions of sizeable dialogs
  • Improved IP address handling in ADB Connect
  • Removed IDE Path Sets (may be reintroduced later)

Check out the improved documentation for details.

The documentation for Mosco and Codex will be further improved, and instructional videos are also planned, so stay tuned!