The latest version of Delphi Rio, 10.3.2 has been released! To coincide with the release, Delphi Worlds introduces: Mosco

Mosco (an acronym for MacOS Companion)

Mosco is a combination of a macOS 64-bit application and an expert (of the same name) for Delphi.

Mosco has functionality that has yet to be seen:

  • An much enhanced experience of adding frameworks to SDKs (lists all available public frameworks in the SDK)
  • Instantly switch between SDKs, including for macOS, iOS and Android
  • Instantly switch between connection profiles
  • Open Finder on the Mac to show where the deployed app is located
  • Prompt when attempting to launch an app on an iOS device when the device is locked

The Mosco macOS app provides an alternative to PAServer Manager, allowing you to manage multiple versions of PAServer on the Mac, informing you when a particular version is already running.

Planned features for future versions of Mosco (not set in stone):

  • An alternative experience (to Delphi’s built-in) Notarization (for macOS apps)
  • Integration with DeviceLens (currently in beta), so you can monitor logging from your iOS devices from your Windows machine or VM

Mosco uses code recently added to (or improved on) the Kastri Free project, including:

  • TStatusBarMenu – allows your macOS apps to run as an “accessory” (appears in the status area of the menu bar)
  • TThreadedTCPClient – used by the Delphi add-in to communicate with the macOS app

You may download the version 1.0.0 beta from here, and some brief documentation is in the ReadMe.  Note that to use the Delphi add-in you will need to create a registry entry in the Experts key, which points to where you have downloaded Mosco260.dll to. An installer and more documentation will come later.

I would love to hear people’s feedback (please comment on this article) about Mosco. If you have issues or enhancement suggestions, please visit here.

Delphi Rio 10.3.2

Amongst the new features of Delphi Rio 10.3.2 that are of greatest interest to Delphi Worlds are:

  • Support for building macOS 64-bit applications
  • Bug fixes!
  • Inclusion of FMXLinux
  • Enhanced Firebase Android support
  • IDE improvements

Now you can finally take advantage of the 64-bit only macOS frameworks such as Accounts, AVKit, Contacts, LocalAuthentication and MapKit (among others). Along with being able to build 64-bit applications for macOS, 10.3.2 also has the ability to notarize your applications so that you don’t necessarily need to distribute them via the Apple Store.

There are reported to be over 400 individual (i.e. excluding duplicates) bug fixes in this point release.

With the introduction of FMXLinux, building GUI apps for Linux with Delphi will again be a reality!

In this version, Embarcadero introduce their implementation of Firebase Cloud Messaging support.

Also good to see that the IDE quirks that were noticeable when theming was introduced have been greatly improved upon!